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Karate Jujitsu



4.  Tekubi Tori - Kneeling Waki Gatame  Single Hand Hold - Kneeling Shoulder Hold
Uki grabs Tori in a straight wrist grab.  Tori slaps to distract and rotates his left wrist inward and up to his chest.  Tori C Clamps Uki's hand with his right and left knifehands behind Uki's knuckles. Tori then rotate Uki's hand so that the figures point to the ground, Uki will be forced to his back.  Tori continues Uki's rotation by pulling up quick (Witch's Broom) thus forcing Uki to his stomach.  Tori lock Uki's wrist with his right, places his left hand behind Uki's elbow and places his knee on Uki's shoulder.  Uki's submits by inducing pain to Uki's wrist, elbow and shoulder.

5.  Shino Nage - Row Boat  Four Corner Lock - Row Boat
Uki grabs Tori in a cross wrist grab.  Tori counter grabs and kicks Uki's chin.  Tori then rotates Uki's wrist ccw while stepping in front of Uki and driving his arm under Uki's elbow.  Tori takes Uki to the ground by driving Uki's wrist downward.  Tori finishes the technique by stepping across Uki and trapping with his knees.  Tori lock Uki in with both hand and induces Uki to tap out by twist Uki's wrist in a "row boat" fashion

6.  Ikkyo - Reverse Ude Gatame  Armbar - Rev. Arm Lock
Uki grabs Tori's left in a straight wrist grab.  Tori slaps to distract and snakes his left wrist out and up to his chest.  Tori C claps onto Uki's hand with his right and rotates Uki's figures upward.  Tori then grabs Uki's shoulder and drives Uki to the ground.  Tori's finishing hold is a Reverse Ude Gatame and is executed by placing his left hand on top of Uki's shoulder and wrapping Uki's arm over the left, Tori places his left knee on Uki's hip to prevent him from rolling out.  Pain is applied by lifting Uki's arm up.

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