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Karate Jujitsu



1. HAND ESCAPE KATA TE HAZUSHI (Defense against a cross wrist grab)
Uki grabs Tori in a cross wrist grab.  Tori releases the grip by executing a lead upward elbow strike to Uki's chin.  Tori turns right to left and executes a downward bottom fist to Uki's groin.  Tori follows up with a backside upward elbow strike.  Tori steps away from Uki and finishes with a side kick.

2. PARRY KICK HARAI GARI (Defense against a sliding sidekick)
(Uki and Tori are in an opened stance) Uki attacks with a left sliding sidekick.  Tori parries kick with a right low outside parry.  Tori executes a right slip kick to the back of Uki's knee thus bring him to a kneeling position.  Tori finishes technique with a spinkick to Uki's back.

3. RED MAPLE ESCAPE MOMIJI HAZUSHI (Defense against a frontal choke)
Uki grabs Tori with a frontal two hand choke.  Tori brings both hands up in a praying motion to release choke.  Tori then captures Uki's wrist.  Tori then executes a front snapkick to Uki's groin.  With both hands behind Uki's Neck Tori strike Uki's face with his knees.

4. ELBOW BREAK GENKOTSU UDE TORI (Defense against a left lunge punch)
Uki attack with a left lung punch.  Tori breaks extended arm with a high right outside forearm block and a left locking forearm.  Tori then grabs onto Uki's arm with both hands and pulls and twists.

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