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Karate Jujitsu



8.  GREETING ELBOW AKUSHU HIJIATE (Defense against a right lunge punch)
Uki attacks with a right lung punch.  Tori parries with a right inside palm out  parry and captures Uki's wrist.  Tori turns into Uki and lock him into a figure four armlock, judo style.  Tori breaks Uki's arm in a kneeling Juji Gatame.

9.  NECK WITHDRAW  KUBI NUKI (Defense against a leftside head lock)
Uki locks Tori in a headlock with his right arm.  Tori turns his chin towards Uki's elbow.  Tori simultaneously pulls down on Uki's elbow with his right and executes a left vertical ridgehand to Uki's groin.  Tori pulls his head out of the headlock.  Tori grabs onto Uki's belt and neck and then drives his knee into Uki's thigh.  Tori then pile drives Uki into the ground.  Tori finishes by executing a double downward punch to Uki's kidneys.

10.  REAR HAIR ESCAPE  USHIRO OSAEGAMI (Defense against a rear hair from behind)
Uki grabs Tori's hair from behind with his right hand.  Tori presses down on Uki's hand with his right.  Tori then rotates from right to left and executes a cross the chest backknuckle strike to Uki's ribs.  Tori puts Uki in a wrist lock.  Tori then transitions into a wrist turning throw and finishes with a stomp to Uki's head.

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