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Guro Arcenio Advincula

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Guro Arcenio J. Advincula started his training in the martial arts in 1946 at the age of eight. He was small and according to him, being of mixed ethnic background (Filipino and Caucasian) he "looked different" from the rest of his classmates in Alaska. Needless to say, he was a target of the bullies. On one occasion after school, he was jumped by a group of bullies who took a brand new cap and jacket that his father just bought for him. When he returned home and told his father about the incident, his father went to the home of the bullies and retrieved the clothes. Soon after, his father hired some friends, who were hand-to-hand combat instructors for the Philippine Army, to train Advincula in escrima and combat judo. Thus began his lifelong love, respect and commitment to the martial arts.

As stated before Guro Advincula began martial arts training in Escrima & Combat Judo. His principle teachers were Filipino scouts Pete Rado and Tony Navarro. Pete Rado expertise was in combat knife and the thousand slap system, where as Tony Navarro was K-bar techniques and the thrust/lunge system. In 1958 while in the Marines Guro Advincula began studying Isshin-ryu from Tatsuo Shimabuku on Okinawa. In 1960 he returned to Anchorage and began studying Kalirongan Larga Mano and the Cinco Tero system from Grandmaster Loi Miranda. Guro Advincula continued his dedication into the Martial Arts with frequent stays in Okinawa and continual study in such arts as Hindiandi Gung Fu from Kang Kaneshir, Shorin-ryu from Segin Nagamine, Goju-ryu from Kinei Nakasone & Masanobu Shinjo, Kobudo in Ryu Kon Kai from Kotaro Iha, Uechi-ryu from Kosuke Yonamine. In 1981 Guro Advincula retired from U.S.M.C. as a Master Sergen. with 24 years of service. In 1983 he made three Escrima videos for Panther Production Videos which are still available. In 1987 Black Belt Magazine honored him with the title of Co-instructor of the year along with Ray Dalke. In 1996 he was commemorated with a 50th anniversary in the martial arts.

Guro Advincula is still currently active in the FMA and always available to share his deadly art of Kalirongan.

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