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Master Frank Brickey

home biography

Master Frank Brickey began his Martial Arts training at 5 years old when his father started teaching him firearms. In junior and high school, M. Frank became involved in wrestling and boxing. While in high school M. Frank worked at a beef slaughter house where he learned to use the knife. When M. Frank first began to study formally in the Martial Art, like most young men, he was full of spit and vigor. He felt that most of the drills presented to him were not as aggressive as his wrestling and boxing training. In a last effort he walked into a small school where an Instructor by the name of Master Paul Greystone sat and listened to young Frank's disillusion with what he perceived as the unchallenging nature of Martial Arts. M. Paul thought that the young man had his heart in the right place but not the maturity and so invited him to a workout. After preliminary sparring, Frank realized he had no chance against the superior Master and capitulated. Young Frank commented that he was best at grappling and so the Master obliged him. As the young high school wrestler pressed to pin the Master, Paul would easily defend and counter with his Jujutsu and finish Frank off with armbars and chokes. Having been soundly defeated, the young Master Frank knew then that Martial Arts had indeed a challenge to offer and so he immediately asked to join. Master Paul refused. He explained that the important lesson in Martial Arts wasn't all in the body, but also in the mind and spirit. He allowed young M. Frank to come in and workout for a while and if he could show that he had the discipline and maturity to train he would be invited to join the regular class. Frank was true to his dedication and never missed a time to come in and practice. For one month he did this without failure and waited for the invitation to join the regular class. On the second month when Frank had clearly learned his lesson, Master Paul invited him to train in Bujutsu. Master Frank has dedicated his life to Martial Arts ever since.

Master Frank moved up in the ranks quickly and within 10 years Master Frank had risen to Sensei. In 1986, he became full Instructor of a Bujutsu school in El Cajon California. Along the way he trained with many individuals who helped him develop and grow. In particular, Grand Master Al Anderson taught him how to teach children. Master Frank was able to continue his training and was able to run a school in southern california with over 350 students.

Along the way, he met an energetic young lady and Martial Arts student named Christina. They fell in love and got married. Soon a child was on the way. Frank and Christina realized that the income from the Martial Arts school would not be enough with the coming medical bills so at the height of the Gulf War and at 28 years old, Master Frank joined the Marines. Frank's Martial Arts training and self discipline served him well in the Marines. After boot camp and all other training schools for the infantry, he was assigned to the 29 palms California area. Frank was shipped off to Somalia where he served for four months before returning the U.S. He was then assigned to intelligence where he the training for his Colonels body guards and drivers. While this was being completed, Sgt. Frank Brickey was assigned to recon and was the Platoon Sgt. for a four team recon platoon at the regimental level. After this service to the USMC, Master Frank moved his family to Flagstaff Arizona.

M. Frank and Christina (who has also been promoted to Master rank) opened a school that is currently in operations. The Flagstaff Bujutsu Academy is a flourishing school that concentrates on the combat aspects of self-defense. The motto is "If it works we use it". The Bujutsu Academy is located at 5060 N. Hwy 89, Flagstaff, AZ, 86001. The mailing address is P. O. Box 23472, Flagstaff, AZ, 86001 or you can email Master Frank directly at

Master Frank currently holds the rank of 7th Dan in American Bujutsu and 5th Dan in Aam Ka Jutsu. He also works at a Law Enforcement Officer for the northern Arizona University where he is a General Instructor in law enforcement field training, physical fitness, defensive tactics and firearms. His National Qualifications are NRA Firearms Instructor, USMC Rangemaster/Instructor. He is also a member of the Board of Directors for the International Federation of Martial Artist, a Glock Certified Factory Armorer, a member of the International Police Mountain Bike Association and has successfully completed crisis intervention, combative stress and victim empowerment courses during his law enforcement training.

A statement from Master Frank: "Bujutsu is the tactics and techniques of self-defense. One of the goals at Flagstaff Bujutsu is to train the student in a learning environment that facilitates growth, adaptation, adjustments, and the ability to flow. This is accomplished by stressing safety and camaraderie, not opposition. Confidence, coordination, and control all increase if the student has the will and the Instructor leads. Training in different locations, under different conditions, blends to allow the student exposure and helps them overcome obstacles."

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