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Sensei with students E-MAIL Guro Ron receives certificate from GM Estalilla

Welcome to
Master Ron Reekers Biography

Martial Arts Rank:
Am-Bu-Jutsu; Rank: (Godan) 5th Degree Black Belt
Instructor: Grand Master Al Anderson
Kalirongon Eskrima; Rank: (Nidan) 3rd Degree Black Belt
Instructor: Master Sam Dungca
Kabaroan Eskrima; Rank: Master Instructor
Instructor: Grand Master Ramiro Estalilla Jr.
Shotokan Karate; Rank: (Nidan) 2nd Degree Black Belt
Instructor: Sensei Earl Treichel
Danzanryu Jujitsu; Rank: (Shodan) 1st Degree Black Belt
Instructor: Sensei Manely Fox

Style: Kodokan Judo; Rank: (Shodan) 1st Degree Black Belt
Instructor: Sensei Manely Fox

Additional Studies: Style: Tia Chi Chuan, Yang Long Form and Saber. Instructor: Sifu Parker Linekin; Kenpo Karate (American Kung-Fu), Instructor: Sifu Parker Linekin;  Shorinji Zendo-Ryu Karate, Instructor: Sensei Phillip Skornia;  Shuyokai Tai-Ho Jutsu, Instructor: Sensei Earl Treichel

Overview: My Martial Arts training began in 1986 when my sister invited me to come to her self defense studio.  I did not walk into the dojo and instantly realize that this would be a major part of my life.  I thought like most people that this will be fun till I get my Black Belt, and then I'm done.  My main goal was to get some good training in self defense and perhaps some personal character building along the way. As I trained I began to understand the nature of Martial Arts and my interest grew. I was lucky to be trained under a Master Frank Brickey and additional training under Grandmaster Al Anderson. Who both understood my desire to learn. I earned my Black Belt in Aam-Bu-Jutsu in 1989.
  In 1990 I began a period of diversity. I met a Filipino gentleman by the name of Sam Dungca who taught Filipino Martial Arts (FMA). I had trained in some basic FMA through Master Frank. Mostly from the Modern Arnis system of sinawali (weaving patterns) and mano y mano (empty hand fighting)
.  Master Sam's depth of knowledge in FMA astounded me and I began to take a serious look into the art of Largo Mano Eskrima. In 1992, through Sam, I met Parker Linekin.  I studied Tai Chi and American Kung Fu for a year and a half from Coach Linekin, but I suddenly had the misfortune of being laid off and had to pick up and move to Los Angeles.  For a short time I studied Zendo-Ryu from Sensei Philip Skornia and later I met Sensei Fox, and began studying Danzanryu Jujitsu. and Kodokan Judo  I moved to Huntington Beach in September of 1994 and began studying Shotokan from Sensei Earl Treichel.  Soon after that I began studying Kabaroan Eskrima from Grand Master Ramiro Estalilla Jr.
  While living in Redondo Beach my roommate was interested in learning Martial Arts, as well as some new friends from work, so in 1994 I started a small school in the backyard. This was the birth of my school once called the Reekers College of Martial Arts and now the Thunder Center  I continued the school when I moved to Huntington Beach and began teaching both Karate-Jujutsu and Eskrima, while simultaneously studying the Martial Arts I had mentioned before.  The backyard workouts began to grow and Sensei Treichel gave me the opportunity to use his dojo for my small group.  In 1996 I began a partnership with Tom Hagan, a Wushu Master, and we began running the Thunder Center. Tom's new baby required he pull away from the partnership, so I moved the school to Fountain Valley California. In 2002 I decided to close the Thunder Center in order to concentrate on my Art ( see: I am currently teaching privately in my backyard which in many ways has brought me back to my source of training. I currently teach Kabaroan Kalirongon Eskrima exclusively.
  Though I have deligently trained for over 20 years I still feel relatively new to the Way. I continue to ask, "What makes a Martial Artist?  How does Martial Arts apply to today's world?  Why did I choose this path?"  These are questions I contemplate on and yet have no answer.  I keep walking the path as it lays out before me.  I take Musashi's words to heart, "Walking a thousand miles must be done one step at a time".

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